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About 5 years ago one of our trusted suppliers suggested that I talk to Patrick Shea of Cam Logistics about our transportation needs. I did my best to avoid the suggestion, but our friend and partner would not let it rest. He kept poking at me, "did you talk to Patrick? Did you talk to Patrick ?" As I had a well established matrix of carriers and brokers in place, I felt confident that there wasn't much Patrick was going to be able to add to the mix. As anyone who manages transportation can tell you, that day comes when there is a load on the dock that needs to go, and go at a certain price and the matrix lets you down. OK! So I called Patrick. That was 5 years ago and Cam logistics has been an integral part of our transportation model since. How good does it feel when I can copy Melissa on an order with shipping instructions embedded and know that the move will be handled with dispatch and at the right price. Get on board with Cam. You care, and so do they.

Hartson Poland
PDQ Plastics

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